Thank You for Attending Mayhem at the Museum!

August 23, 2023

A huge thank you to everyone who attended our recent murder mystery, Mayhem at the Museum! We hope you had as much fun as we did!

Through this event, we were able to raise $910 for our Relocation Project. With your help, our new location will be a vibrant community hub that celebrates our local history.

Special thanks to everyone who made the event possible!

  • Writer, director, and actor Ron Sawyer
  • Actors Rebecca Horeth, Larry Jeffery, Colleen Sawyer, Dan Reid, Laurie Reid, and Kathi Vandermeer
  • Caterers Helen Voros and Marg Reynaert
  • The Royal Canadian Legion Colonel Talbot Branch 81
  • Museum volunteers Deb Waite, Chris Dancey, Jeanette Pesall, Betty Segui, and Rosemary Kennedy
  • Everyone who attended!

We’re so pleased that our first try at this event went so well! We hope to be able to host another murder mystery dinner theatre event next year. Stay tuned!


Actors of Mayhem at the Museum
Left to right: Rebecca Horeth as Lindsay Doyle, Ron Sawyer as Ted Sturgeon, Larry Jeffery as Bill Broadsheet, Colleen Sawyer as Charmain Bungalow, Dan Reid as Gregori Popov, Laurie Reid as Anne Teak, and Kathi Vandermeer as Ada Yeserno

Attendees and the action on stageTheatre-goers and the action onstage