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This page is meant for current volunteers only. To start volunteering with us, visit this page or contact Sarah at collections@aylmermuseum.ca.

Thank you all for lending us your time and talents!




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5. May AMMA Volunteer Newsletter


Volunteer Roles and Responsibilities

All we ask is that you continue to be your amazing selves! We're very lucky to have all of you to help us.

When representing us at a public event, please ask a staff member for a volunteer nametag. Please return your nametag at the end of the event.

Sarah built a database to keep track of everyone's hours. All volunteer tasks, including board and committee meetings and bingo assignments, are credited in the database. Sarah tallies up the hours each month to report them to the board. She does her best to keep track, but feel free to email her at collections@aylmermuseum.ca to remind her how many hours she should credit you with!

All volunteers are eligible for an Ontario Volunteer Service Award every five years. Volunteers will receive a pin for their service and will be invited to an accompanying ceremony.

The board meets monthly to discuss all goings-on at the museum.

  • Board Chair: This individual facilitates our monthly board meetings and calls motions into action.
  • Vice Chair: This individual facilitates board meetings in the event that the board chair is absent, and is the next in line for succession to the chair.
  • Secretary: This individual takes minutes at monthly board meetings and distributes said minutes before the following board meeting.
    This is a vacant position.
  • Finance Chair: This individual monitors museum finances and works closely with our office manager.
  • Acquisition Chair: This individual facilitates Acquisition Committee meetings and presents Acquisition Reports to the board.
  • Building Committee Chair: This individual facilitates Building Committee meetings and presents Building Committee Reports to the board.
  • Building Maintenance Chair: This individual is responsible for the maintenance of our current building and the surrounding property.
    This is a vacant position.
  • Volunteer Coordinator: This individual facilitates communication between our volunteers, staff members, and the board. This individual also plans events and gatherings for the volunteers and assigns tasks to volunteers.
    This is a vacant position.
  • Membership Chair: This individual manages membership sales and membership incentives.
    This is a vacant position.
  • Programming Chair: This individual plans and implements educational programming for local school groups and special interest groups.
    This is a vacant position.

The Acquisition Committee meets monthly to review recent donations and decide which artifacts are suitable for accession into our collection.

The Acquisition Committee Chair facilitates these meetings and presents a brief report to the board which summarizes the accessions which resulted from each monthly meeting.

The Building Committee is responsible for overseeing our move to our new building at 75 Talbot St. E. The committee meets monthly to discuss logistics and engineering, building maintenance, and fundraising initiatives.

The Building Committee Chair facilitates these meetings and presents a brief report at each following board meeting.

The Tour of Homes Committee is responsible for planning and implementing the annual Christmas Tour of Homes fundraising event. This includes, but is not limited to, soliciting homeowner participation, liaising between homeowners and the committee, liaising between business owners and the committee, decorating homes for the tour, and arranging volunteer assistance for the tour.

  • Tour of Homes Committee Chair: The Tour of Homes Committee Chair is responsible for guiding discussion at committee meetings, ensuring appropriate time is allocated to each agenda item and that all items are concluded reasonably. In doing so, the chair facilitates active participation by/equal treatment of all committee members and ensures that discussion proceeds in a respectful and cordial manner. The chair solicits votes and motions from the committee when appropriate.
  • Tour of Homes Committee Secretary: This individual takes minutes at monthly Tour of Homes Committee meetings and distributes said minutes before the following meeting.

We're very lucky to be sponsored by Jackpot Time Gaming Entertainment! They provide funding for our exhibits and collections in exchange for volunteer assistance.

All assignments are handled through our Museum Gaming Entertainment Volunteer Coordinator. Let us know if you're interested in volunteering for bingo assignments, and we'll put you in contact with our coordinator.

All volunteers must complete online training before attending an assignment. Each volunteer must also shadow an experienced bingo volunteer on their first assignment, and fill out an associated form to affirm that they've gone through the appropriate training.

Volunteers will receive a laminated nametag on a lanyard, which they are expected to wear during an assignment.

The dress code is as follows:

  • A vest with our logo on the chest. We were recently informed that these are missing from our uniforms. The vests are at the museum, but have yet to be customized. They should be ready shortly.
  • A white collared shirt.
  • Dark pants.
  • Our name tag.
  • Please do not wear:
    • Denim jeans, track pants, stretch pants, or shorts.
    • Tank tops, t-shirts, sleeveless shirts, scarves, sweaters, jackets, or anything that covers the nametag.
    • Hats.
    • Open-toed shoes, flip-flops, crocs, or sandals.

Please sign in at the beginning of each assignment, and sign out at the end of each assignment. Please ensure that our name is displayed on the magnetic board beside the rear exit.

Many assignments coincide with a game of bingo. During one of these shifts, volunteers will be stationed in the bingo hall. Volunteers are responsible for answering questions, bussing tables, and cleaning up scratch tickets and/or discarded bingo cards. Volunteers are encouraged to promote their charity when speaking with customers, and let customers know how the museum is using the funds we gain through Jackpot Time (our default blurb is at the bottom of this information panel).

Assignments that do not coincide with a game of bingo may have volunteers stationed in the foyer of the building. Volunteers are responsible for greeting customers and opening doors for customers when appropriate.

When in doubt, ask a Jackpot Time staff member.

From the Charity Coordinator of the St. Thomas Gaming Association:

"[...] If you are 1st assignment 10-noon, Tuesday-Sunday, please leave the front greeting area at 11am and spend the last hour in the bingo room.  You can be answering customer questions, bussing tables, and cleaning up scratch tickets before the bingo begins.
If you are the 6pm assignment, please let the previous assignment’s volunteers know you have arrived, and begin your assignment in the bingo room.  Again you can be answering questions, bussing tables, and cleaning up scratch tickets before the bingo begins.
And charities, when on assignment, share with the customers what your charity is doing with money earned from charitable gaming at Jackpot Time.  Many customers are not aware of the benefits to spending entertainment dollars at Jackpot Time over the casino to the north.  With 89 local charities earning a stable income each month because the customers are choosing to spend their money at Jackpot Time.  So when you can't think of anything to say to a customer, you can always Thank them for their support of your charity."

A special thank you to our supporter Jackpot Time Gaming Entertainment. Throughout the year, we are very grateful to receive funds from our participation in bingos at Jackpot Time in St. Thomas. Through this program, the museum receives funds monthly that we can use towards the preservation and maintenance of our collection. We are also able to fund a portion of Sarah Bentley’s salary to work on the collection. We are very grateful to be one of the charities that receive funds through the charitable gaming program, and very thankful for the volunteers that assist us with bingos each month. 

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