Relocation Project Update

July 2, 2024

After a long period of fundraising and research, we’re pleased to announce that Phase One of our Relocation Project is underway! Our structural, mechanical, and architectural inspection of the new building took place on Wednesday, June 26th, alongside a designated substances survey (to find things like asbestos and silica).

Once our engineering firm issues us a report on their findings, it’s on to the initial design phase. The staff, board, and building committee will discuss one final, no-frills design that the architects at our firm will work with. We will be tackling the most important issues first, like ensuring the building is artifact-safe and accessible

Our engineering firm for the first phase quoted us a total of $58,275 for these services, which we’ve been paying monthly in small increments. As of mid-June 2024, the Relocation Fund contains $161,299.70.

Thank you all so much for your support along the way! We’re so excited to finally be moving forward with this project. We’ll issue another update as soon as we can!