The 2024 Volunteer Service Awards

July 2, 2024

Six of our volunteers were recently invited to the 2024 Ontario Volunteer Service Awards in London as thanks for their dedication to the museum! Colleen Sawyer, pictured below, was accepting her pin commemorating five years of service with the museum. We very much appreciate your help and support, Colleen!

Three individuals standing in front of a stage

Left to right: Oxford MPP Ernie Hardeman, Museum Volunteer Colleen Sawyer, and London North Centre MPP Terence Kernaghan

As a non-profit charity, we rely heavily on the generosity of our volunteers to preserve and celebrate our local history. Their efforts range from curating exhibits and organizing events to preserving archives and engaging with visitors. Without their unwavering commitment, our mission to educate and inspire the community through our rich cultural heritage would not be possible. Their hard work and enthusiasm inspire us daily, and we are deeply grateful for their continued support. To all our volunteers, thank you for being the heart and soul of the Aylmer-Malahide Museum and Archives.